Say NO To Taking Collagen Products!

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Why you should avoid taking collagen based products!

You want to make sure that you take supplements that actually provide the body with the building blocks to encourage your body to secrete its own collagen naturally and safely rather than take denatured collagen pills, collagen supplements or collagen drinks. Here’s why you should say no to taking collagen products.

Why taking collagen does not make collagen.

Taking large quantities of animal of fish derived collagen type products is not effective; this is called “dose dumping” gelatine into the stomach. The connective tissue of animals or fish has been boiled into a substance called gelatine. Usually, manufacturers boil cow and pork skin hide and bones or sometimes fish skin and / or scales and it becomes a gelatinous substance which is produced for use in the food industry to help make sauces, confectionary and other food products. It is used as a binder or emulsifier. Unfortunately the beauty industry got hold of gelatine and renamed it “collagen” having now made hundreds of drinks, pills and powders from it.

Why collagen is not absorbed by your body.

This collagen-named-gelatine enters the body, is broken down by the stomach by protein enzymes, nutrients extracted and used for energy and the waste is excreted from the body in the normal fashion within 24 hours. This animal collagen or fish collagen cannot make human endogenous collagen in your skin cells. It simply does not work this way.

How you make your own collagen.

The only medical or biological way to make collagen in the body is for you to make your own. We call this endogenous collagen, which simply means your own natural collagen. A tiny cell called the “fibroblast” is the cell in all your cells that is responsible for making and secreting fibrous tissue, also known as your connective tissue or collagen. This is the only way the human body makes collagen. Ingesting it or applying it to the skin does not work, it has to be secreted inside the cell.

How to boost the natural secretions of collagen.

You can however encourage the body, or in particular the fibroblast to keep and maintain the secretions at an optimal level by providing them with the precursors necessary to boost collagen synthesis. These collagen precursors can be taken daily along with other compounds to support the health and structure of the cell, ensuring that it is plump with new collagen, hyaluronan and has the ability to fight free radical damage which can cause premature ageing of the cell.


So how do I do that….Here’s 3 ways!

  1. Make sure you take Vitamin C daily; this acts a co-factor for collagen synthesis and we must have it in order to maintain our connective tissue.
  2. We can take collagen precursors orally, in the form of an medically approved health supplement, which can switch on the mechanism in the body (fibroblast) to make our own collagen.
  3. And avoid unprotected UV exposure, cigarette smoke and high sugar consumption as these degrade natural collagen fibres.


Good news for you is…..MedColl Derma contains high dose Vitamin C and a unique patent-pending formula called MedColl Marine Collagen Precursor Complex TM formulated with the assistance of The Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research Centre, UCD, Dublin, Ireland – Ireland’s Leading Collagen Research Centre 


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