How to increase your collagen

So what’s the deal with collagen?IMG_4870

And why it’s pointless taking it…

We’ve been reading and hearing a lot about collagen products in recent years, but let us demystify some of the marketing myths that are currently out there about collagen.


What is Collagen?

Firstly, collagen or your connective tissue is a protein which can only be formed by the body itself. We call this endogenous collagen. So producing it is an inside job. No amount of swallowing collagen or apply collagen to the skin will help make more or new collagen, it simply doesn’t work that way.


Myth 1: Eating & drinking Collagen = increases collagen.

If you ingest collagen, be it tablets, powders, shots or drinks it will still be digested and excreted and certainly does not circulate the body making new collagen. The body in essence breaks it down, as it does with all the protein you consume orally.


Myth 2: Applying collagen creams, serums & masks = increased collagen.

If you apply collagen topically to your skin, it will simply sit and coat the surface of the skin, it is not able to penetrate the epidermis as the collagen molecule is far too large to do so. What it may well do, is act as a humectant (prevents moisture loss from skin), that is all. The skin is a barrier and does not let collagen in.


How to increase your collagen?

Of course, you could inject synthetic collagen into your skin  but could experience problems. Or lasering the skin with heat will stimulate the body to produce new collagen to the epidermis as a way to repair the skin. This is a very effective method of getting the skin to form new collagen to the facial area only although is considered invasive and needs down time.

However, if you want to maintain or replenish your entire body’s own collagen in a safer way then you simply must get your body to make its’ own. This is far more effective not to mention safer.


So how do I do that….?

Make sure you take Vitamin C daily; this acts a co-factor for collagen synthesis and we must have it in order to maintain our connective tissue.

We can take collagen pre-cursors orally, in the form of a health supplement, which switch on the mechanism in the body (fibroblast) to make our own collagen.

And avoid unprotected UV exposure, cigarette smoke and high sugar consumption as these degrade natural collagen fibres.

Good news for you is…!


MedColl Derma contains high dose Vitamin C and a unique patent-pending collagen pre-cursor complex formulated with the assistance of The Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research Centre.

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