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Our Philosophy

We want to support “Healthy Ageing” for the entire body as opposed to more aggressive and invasive methods such as using chemicals and toxins that may affect the health and well being of your system. We understand the value of supplying high quality anti ageing products that deliver what they promise, are known for their scientific integrity, and their effectiveness for managing the skin and the body’s ageing process in a safe and natural way.

We believe that along with a healthy balanced diet, a good skin care routine and the use of natural nutritional therapies in the form of nutraceutical supplementation is by far the safest, most effective, natural and healthier approach to the slowing down the ageing process.

We focus on the holistic approach to anti-ageing medicine, providing a corrective and preventative treatment that will help you maintain a youthful body and healthy skin and overall well-being!

Lough Owel, Co. Westmeath, Ireland – The Home of MedColl


We are an independently owned biotechnology company that specialises in health and beauty nutraceutical supplements and is at the forefront of producing high quality products that have been scientifically formulated and tested to be both safe and effective.

Our Promise

We offer an innovative, effective and natural solution for our customers who wish to maintain their overall health and well-being and age in a healthier way.

Ethical Charter

At MedColl, our commitment to our customers is equally as important as responsibly sourcing ethical sustainable ingredients and providing advanced nutritional skincare backed by research and science. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to achieve our mission, which is to help you optimise your skin health.


Our mission is simple; to improve the health and function of the skin in a natural, safe and noninvasive manner.

To provide advanced nutraceutical anti ageing products that are backed only by science.

Our unique high potent formulations are scientifically proven to benefit the consumer’s overall health and wellbeing.

Made in Ireland, we are used and recommended by dermatologists and nutritionists, doctors, select pharmacies, medical spas, and premium spas to both correct the signs of ageing and assist the body to age in a healthier and safer manner.

Our Research Team

Roz Martin director of Medcoll Ltd - Anti Ageing Products

Roz Martin


Having formally studied Nutrition and Business, and with a successful career spanning 13 years within the British & Middle Eastern pharmaceutical industry specialising in areas such as dermatology, female health and oncology, Roz Martin decided to leave the corporate world to set up a biotechnology company in Ireland. Roz still maintains her membership of the Association of British Pharmaceutical Institute.

A passionate advocate for natural anti-ageing medicine and non-invasive cosmetic therapy, Roz began her search for natural, safe and long lasting alternatives to some of the invasive injectable and surgical cosmetic procedures currently on the market, but to no avail.

Research and development for the MedColl Nutricosmetic began in December 2010 at (A4M) The American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine Conference in Dubai and the concept of using potent, efficacious nutraceutical compounds to help combat the premature signs of ageing in skin were being hailed as the intelligent and innovative approach.

After two years in the lab, MedColl Derma was finally launched into Europe in September 2012 followed by the Middle East in 2014.

Roz continues to work on projects within cosmetic Product Development and Innovation, and attends the A4M and International Congress in Aesthetics, Anti-ageing Medicine (ICAAM) annually.

Roz lives in Ireland with her family.

The Conway Institute Of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research

Collagen Research

Collagen Doctors & Lead Scientists
Dr. Hillary Cassidy, Dr. Robert Radford, Dr. Craig Slattery and Dr. Tara McMorrow

The Conway Institute, a the leading research centre for collagen science and collagen therapeutics was actively involved in the research and development and conduction of studies for the composition known as MedColl ®.

Doctors and collagen scientists collaborated closely with MedColl in bringing a number of in-vitro studies to publish and continue to work on developing new and innovative products backed by science.

The Conway Institute’s core technology programme is the most comprehensive and advanced analysis platform for these life sciences and biomedical research in Ireland.

At UCD Conway Institute, they use interdisciplinary research approaches for the exploration of fundamental mechanisms in order to develop novel diagnostic & therapeutic solutions. We have developed a matrix structure in our research programme that stimulates collaborations across themes.

Carlow Institute of Technology

Cosmetic Formulation

Lead Scientist & Cosmetic Formulator
Dr Brian O'Rourke

PhD (Chem), UCD, 1983, BSc(hons), UCD, 1979

Dr Brian O’Rourke obtained a PhD at UCD in physical chemistry in 1983 and began work as a pharmaceutical analyst with the R&D laboratories of dermatological manufacturers. Here he worked on new product development creating two new patented compositions for the treatment of dermatological conditions.

Four years later he transferred to product development at a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, working on controlled-release medications followed by work with a cosmetic manufacturer in Ireland.

He moved to Paris in 1989 becoming Applied R&D Manager with Roure, a manufacturer of sunscreening and other speciality chemicals, flavours and perfumes. Here he worked on antibacterial and antioxidant properties of various synthetic and natural materials. Two further patents were issued.

Returning to Ireland in 1993 he worked as a consultant to a number of cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies in Ireland and in France.

He is now Professor of Cosmetic Formulation Research.

Not Tested on Animals


Gluten Free





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We are an independently owned Irish biotechnology company that specialises in health and beauty supplements and is at the forefront of producing high quality products that have been scientifically formulated and tested to be both safe and effective.

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