7 Sun Beauty Hacks!





















7 Sun Beauty Hacks!

How To Prevent Premature Ageing of Your Skin in the Sun

Not only should we be concerned about the sun’s rays causing dehydration and premature ageing of our skin, but more importantly we should be looking at ways to protect our skin from the potentially damaging exposure to UV radiation and look to how we can prevent skin cancer. About 90 % of non-melanoma skin cancers and about 86 % of melanomas are associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun.

So what can you do!

  1. Use a High SPF.
    At least a SPF 15, if not a SPF 30 should be applied 20 mins before you go out in the sun and before you put on your clothes, so that you don’t miss any areas.
    For the fairer skin tones out there, you may want to use an SPF50.
  2. Wear a Hat.
    This can provide protection to not only your scalp but keep direct sun rays off your face, avoiding UV damage to your skin.
  3. Cover Up.
    If you feel that the sun is too hot but you still want to stay outside, simply cover up in cool loose cotton clothing.
  4. Stay in the Shade
    In the particularly hot times of the day, 11am to 3pm, why not take some time out and chill out in the shade.
  5. Drink plenty of Water.
    Keep the skin super hydrated and your body’s levels of hyaluronan high with water & juices. Your MedColl skin supplement even contains high levels of hyaluronan that can boost the skin’s hydro dynamics in hot weather.
  6. Wear sunglasses.
    Protect your eyes with good quality sunglasses; glasses that block 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays,  preferably the wraparound style that stops the rays coming in at the sides.
    Wearing sunglasses will help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration caused by UV exposure.
  7. Take Lycopene & Astaxanthin.
    Lycopene can be found in tomatoes and tomato paste and has been reported to offer some protection from sun exposure. Astaxanthin research shows that is acts as an internal sunscreen and can offer some protection.  (although this should does not mean we should avoid using an SPF).
    Good news for you is……MedColl contains both high levels of lycopene and astaxanthin!

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