5 Top Tips on How To Prevent Deep Wrinkles

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We all use skincare anti-ageing products that promise to turn back the years and produce smoother, younger looking skin, but ideally the first starting point in the pursuit of more youthful looks should be, to eliminate the ageing accelerators that cause deep wrinkles and fine lines, so that anything you do use on your skin or for your skin actually has a good chance of working effectively.

So here are the some sure-fire ways to age quicker:

1. Sun Exposure – This speeds up the natural ageing of the skin, destroys dermal collagen and thickens the outermost layer of the skin.
2. Smoking – This reduces oxygen, vitamin C and other nutrients in the blood flow to the skin, degrading your natural collagen and elastin. Smoker’s skin usually has a grey-yellowish discolouring of the skin.
3. Caffeine & Alcohol – Both dehydrate the skin leaving it more susceptible to wrinkling and the skin can potentially develop thread veins.
4. Stress & lack of sleep – Both prevent the body from being able to repair the skin cells.
5. Poor Diet & lack of exercise – Lack of nutrition to the deeper layers of the skin will always show and age the skin faster. Lack of exercise and poor circulation will give the skin a duller paler complexion

It’s best if you can get a handle on these skin-ageing-accelerators before you slash out on expensive creams and serums or consider opting for some cosmetic procedures. Remember it is not about doing one thing and expecting amazing quick-fix results, it is more about a holistic approach and forming a Skin Plan, which will incorporate both eliminating some of these bad habits and then maybe adding skin supplements to your plan to nourish your skin from the inside and possible one or two new non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Maybe your skin will thank you for it!

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